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Zal Bilimoria

Founding Partner

Zal Bilimoria

After ten years in product management, I joined a16z in 2013 and was originally tasked to search for the next big consumer or enterprise app. However, I got pulled into digital health by dozens of exceptional founders launching new companies.

I soon volunteered to lead our efforts in that new category and supported a16z’s investments in a number of health startups. My interests quickly expanded to include computational and synthetic biology. In 2015, I helped get a16z’s first Bio Fund off the ground and thereafter left to start Refactor.

After making a dozen "bio meets climate" investments, I added climate tech as a 3rd pillar to complement bio and health. Some of today’s very best founders are building world-changing companies in climate, bio, and health: where technology can be used to foster a happier, healthier, and more habitable world. This is why we created Refactor.

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