the world.

Our companies are refactoring planetary and human health

We invest in seed-stage companies that deploy technology to enhance planetary and human health by radically upending traditionally regulated industries. This is refactoring at its essence—creating more accessible, efficient, and scalable solutions. Refactor supports founders who go beyond obstacles and expectations, so that we can build a happier, healthier, and more habitable world.

Capital is personal.

Starting a company can be a lonely journey. We understand that more than others as we are led by solo partner Zal Bilimoria. By working closely with your team, he makes your vision and journey his primary focus. Expect highly responsive, one-on-one attention, along with the guidance and experience of our trusted team of advisors.

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It takes more than funding to build a company.

We typically lead and co-lead seed rounds for promising startups in our areas of focus. We also provide our founders a number of growing services including CFO support, communications training, and a variety of mental fitness services.


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