Meet the Refactor companies reimagining how we live by breaking new ground in biology, health, and beyond.


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Biorender is redefining how science is communicated.

Checkerspot builds sustainable, algae-based physical materials.

Spring is a computational biology company focused on aging.

Verge uses ML and genomics to tackle neurodegenerative diseases.

Culture is building the future of biomanufacturing.

Solugen uses biology to build chemicals.

64x is transforming the future of cell and gene therapy manufacturing.

Aether is a computational enzyme discovery platform.

Juvena develops therapeutics for tissue regeneration.

Curative is scaling COVID-19 detection and vaccination.

Kin has created a whole new category of beverages called euphorics.

Biobot measures opioids and COVID-19 in sewer water.

Rubedo is an anti-aging company hoping to extend health-span.

Mori extends the shelf life of perishable foods using silk protein.

Notable helps your oncologist identify promising treatment options.

Gencove's low-pass sequencing is the most efficient for genomic discovery.

Shape is a next-gen RNA-targeting gene therapy company.

Orchid helps couples have the healthiest children possible.

Berkeley Yeast engineers brewer’s yeast to do incredible things.

Trace helps farmers better understand their soil's microbiome.

Loyal is giving our best friends (our dogs) more time with us.

Redesign uses physics-based modeling for drug discovery.

Phytoform edits the genomes of crops to activate novel traits.

Octant is building a novel drug discovery platform.

FYTO is building sustainable, novel nutrient-dense crops.

Melonfrost is developing a novel way to modify organisms.